Unauthorized Sellers

How To Stop Unauthorized Sellers On Amazon and Snapdeal.

Manufacturers and their authorized resellers face an array of problems in contending with unauthorized individuals aimageand businesses selling their products on Amazon and Snapdeal. These companies have come to realize that are several negative consequences of unauthorized distribution of their products, including general lowering of product price points, unhappy legitimate resellers, and degradation of their online brand.

Conventional Solutions

Why Most Methods Fail

Various manufacturers have a number of methods for dealing with unauthorized sellers. Typically, they use internal staff to locate all of their products on Amazon and eBay. After attempts to identify these sellers, they move toward delivery of legal notices. Another common method is to have their staff covertly purchase these products and attempt to identify the sellers that are causing the biggest problem. Then, they invest most of their effort in pursuing legal action against these bigger violators. Because of our experience with a number companies, CIS has experience with virtually every technique for monitoring activity on Amazon and Snapdeal.


There are several challenges that keep companies from achieving anything beyond marginal success in their programs to stop unauthorized sellers. Most importantly, the manufacturer doesn’t realize that the problem is bigger than they can handle with their existing monitoring tools and internal staff.


The other specific problem is the difficulty in precisely determining the actual identity of the unauthorized sellers. Many times, we’ve seen untrained staff spending what little time they have to spare from their primary jobs to perform the role of a cyber investigator. While these efforts occasionally yield results, it is often after a significant amount of effort and frustration.

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