Identification Services

Identifying anonymous cyber actors online hiding behind technology

More than ever security professionals, investigators, human resources, law enforcement and corporate due diligence officers are needing intelligence on individuals and groups that are not typically found in traditional data bases. At Cyberguard we understand that in the complex world we live in cyber criminals, hactivists, terrorists and antagonists are utilizing the internet, computers, phones, proxies, vpns, and social media to conduct their unauthorized activities.

Law enforcement agencies

Some of the areas we specialize in are:

Global Location and Tracing Of Cell Phones Worldwide

Identification Of Anonymous IP Addresses.


Identification of Anonymous Website Owners.

Identification Of Impostor Social Media Accounts.

Identification of Fake Email Users.

Identification of Unathorized Ebay & Amazon Sellers.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), World Wide Human Intelligence (HUMINT)Resources, Signal Intelligence & Monitoring (SIGINT), Social Intelligence (SOCINT)

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