Corporate Brillance

Corporate Brillance Services

Cyber Intelligence helps its corporate clients access and make use of critical information which can enable corporate executives gain a competitive edge better understand of their own markets and their key competitors. We do so through an extensive international network of resources, Global OSINT and HUMINT intellegence that allows us to pull together critical information needed to make informed decisions.

Executive Brillance

Today business risk is accelerated through concealed threats hidden within cyber attacks

As an Executive, every move you make is being tracked online and your reputation is under constant scrutiny.


The web and social media are leaking unprecedented levels of private information on executives that are being made available to potential stalkers, hactivists, and cyber adversaries seeking to cause harm to your reputation, family, company or person.


When you combine this with targeted phishing attacks and professionals hackers that can access to your cell phone, computers or implant tracking and spy devices in obscure places in order to gain an unfair advantage by intercepting your communications.

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