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Cyber Guards Services LLP is a boutique cyber investigation and corporate intelligence firm that works with some of the largest corporations, law firms, celebrities and professionals worldwide. Dedicated to integrity and excellence, we provide 1) investigations 2) monitoring and 3) deep web intelligence related to complex cyber threats impacting our clients. As cyber threats continue to change the corporate and professional landscape, Cyber Guards Services adopts its tools and tactics to provide its customers top level support.

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Types of Cyber Guards

Criminal forensics.
The largest form of digital forensics and falling under the remit of law enforcement (or private contractors working for them).


Intelligence gathering.
This type of investigation is often associated with crime, but in relation to providing intelligence to help track, stop or identify criminal activity.


As a cyber investigations and intelligence group, our client’s privacy is very important to us thus we won’t show you a long list of testimonials. However, here is what other outside sources are saying.


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