Cyber Crime & Fraud

The criminal cases that are beyond the scope of local law enforcement and legal counsel.

Executives Hacked

Cyberguards Services is a highly experienced hacking investigation firm that helps Corporations, Attorneys, Celbrities and Professionals address unwanted cyber intrusions and hacking incidents where the client wants to pursue the incident criminally or civilly.

IT Security Assessments

Cyberguards team of security professionals have years of experience assessing networks, identifying vulnerabilities, hardening the system and the providing protection as you continue to grow your business. CGS uses an industry proven testing methodology that consists of automated scanning tools.

Penetration Testing

The opportunity for vulnerabilities also increases.

Website Security & Application Testing

Our veteran security professionals assesses and tests.

Network Penetration Testing

Our seasoned team of Cyber Intelligence professionals.

Hacking Forensics

Computer and credit card Hacks,Website Defacement and Hacks.

Cyberguards Security Analysts

CYBERGUARDS “Cyberguards Security Analysts” specialize in “Cyberguards Security Assessments” for corporations seeking to protect their data and intellectual property from unwanted intrusions.

Welcome To Cyber Guards part of the company Paul groups

Welcome To Cyber Guards

Cyber Guards is a boutique cyber Fact-Finding and corporate intelligence firm that works with some of the largest corporations, law firms, celebrities and professionals worldwide. Dedicated to integrity and excellence, we provide 1) investigations 2) monitoring and 3) deep web intelligence related to complex cyber threats impacting our clients. As cyber threats continue to change the corporate and professionallandscape, Cyber Guards continually adopts its tools and tactics to provide its customers top level support.

  • Website Hacking!

    Denial Of Service.

  • Cyber Fact-Finding!

    Computer and Phone Hacks.

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